● Bio

Mira Song is a South Korean-born Canadian immigrant, and interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver BC and Seoul, South Korea. She has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally, including in Seoul and Hong Kong. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, a Certificate in Garden Design from UBC and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Korea National University of Arts in Seoul. 

In her practice, Song explores natural and constructed public spaces, reframed through the embodiment of different senses that trigger memories and imagination. Song investigates this aesthetic territory by gathering objects and images of architectural and natural spaces which she then re-appropriates into multi-media works. Her work is included in various private collections in Canada, the United States and South Korea as well as corporate art collections in Aritzia Inc, Telus, Deloitte and Microsoft Art Collection in Canada. 

● Artist Statement

My practice deals with exploring specific natural and architectural spaces, and reframing these spaces through the embodiment of a different set of senses, memories, and imagination. Anchored in my own memories and perceptions, my paintings and sculptural installations are manifestations of this transient nature of space and its elements—from which I hope a viewer can extract his or her own experience unrestricted by the barriers between the real and the surreal.

Through my practice, the use of space and the innerscape is reframed and expressed through gathering objects or images of architectural and natural spaces, and re-appropriating them through my paintings and drawings. By transforming these spatial images through my work, I attempt to explore complex relationships between architecture, perception, and imagination. Through this exploration, I hope my work can open up a contemplative and imaginative perception of space through this relational process and that the interplay between the paintings, drawings, and sculptural installations evoke in the viewer their own series of contemplative moments as they pass through their own innerscape.

● CV